Mushroom Spore project

In science this week my class made mushroom spores prints. Mushroom spores    consist of a single cell. They travel like virus particles and can cause hay fever and weaken lungs. They are the alternative too seeds, for fungi. With different mushrooms the spores very. Some mushroom species have larger spores, while others have smaller ones, some are darker, and some are lighter. The variation in spores causes a change in the spore prints.

The first step to making a spore print is finding a mushroom. Depending on the size and pattern of the gills the print will turn out differently.  For the second step cut the stem off. Place the top of the mushroom on a white piece of paper with the gills facing downwards. Leave to sit for 2 to 24 hours depending on the liveliness and humidity of the mushroom. Once you have your printer you can use artistic spray or hairspray to preserve it.

do different colored mushrooms make different colored prints?

Will other fungi besides mushrooms make prints?

Are dandelion prints possible?

I did not participate in this activity I was late because of an NWEA testing, I found the information online.

One thought on “Mushroom Spore project

  1. Shane Boland Harrison says:

    I like your blog you are writing really well. I don’t know if we could make dandelion prints – it would be more that the pollen would have to fall to make a print. We should try it in the spring.

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